Family Activities

Family Fun at the Arts Fair!

The Somers Arts Fair isn't just about great art  - there is also plenty to keep the kids happy too! Enjoy an amazing family fun day with a fantastic array of games and inflatable equipment for everyone.


This is the fifth year of the unique Eggathon at the Somers Arts Fair. When it was first introduced people were amazed, alarmed & confused they still are… that’s half the fun!! The original concept was inspired from a small country fair from Devon, in the South West of England.

The “EGGATHON” will be taking place on the oval at 3.30pm? Become the winning couple and receive the "EGGATHON” trophy and all its’ glory.

Tickets will be sold throughout the fair, watch out for the CHICKEN!!!

Get you partner organized, grab an egg from the Chicken – ($4.00 entry). Can you throw an egg to each other without it dropping!!!


Traditional games

Traditional family games will be held throughout the day including egg and spoon races, sack races and tug-o-war!

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