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Exciting changes to how our we display and auction our totem poles in 2021, keep a look our on our social for updates!

Imagine a stark, lone Cypress tree .... a blank canvas being transformed into an original masterpiece purely out of the incredible inspirations and talents of much sought after artists who generously donate their precious time, incredible imaginations and awe-inspiring talents to create truly beautiful works of art for the lucky few to own and enjoy.

Experience a sensory overload by viewing, touching, appreciating and possibly owning an extraordinary art piece, lovingly created by some of our most acclaimed local artists, some of whom have contributed to the Somers Arts Fair for many years, and other inspirational new artists who have joined us for the first time this year.

The wood for the totem poles is generously donated each year by Woody's Sawmilling and Timber Merchants


Check out the 2021 Virtual Tour by clicking here.

Already out wandering? You can use the interactive map here to explore the Totem Pole Trail and view them in person!

And, if you'd like to make one of them your own - check out the bidding page for 2021 here.

This year's Totem Poles:



"Inspiring" by Paul Mutimer - Commissioned by the Somers Residents association 

Renowned local artist, Paul Mutimer’s artworks can be found in almost all states and territories of Australia. They are highly sought after in gardens throughout the Mornington peninsula and can be found featured in public galleries in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

Inspiring is a contemporary sphere crafted with a combination of Corten and stainless steel, resulting in a natural and durable finish created to blend with its environment.

Crafted in Pauls workshop in Somers Inspiring stands at 1.2m, and, as the main item in this years Auction will make a huge statement in any garden.


"The Black Pearl" by James Renouf & Dave Colcott 

Designed using old school ship lofting techniques, the black pearl is a piece of functional Art.

This piece will look equally as good exploring Westernport Bay as it will hanging on your living room wall.

Designed to be both stable and fast, the black pearl would suit both the beginning paddler whose goal is to start paddling this summer, or the salty sea dog wanting to paddle home from Flinders but wanting to ride a few downwind bumps along the way.


"Il Dorso" by Shane Beggs

With the Arts Fair taking a forced change of format, it seemed fitting to take a different spin on the traditional wooden totem pole. This year’s pole is a combination of steel, concrete and wood, with the wood being used in smaller pieces.

The il dorso totem is more versatile (like we have all become) than my previous poles, as it can be displayed inside or out and is stand alone (No digging required)


"Antipodean Bleacher II" by Malcom Twist

This piece uses a combination of steel, wood and flora. Over time the steel patina will deepen, the flora can be changed to suit its surrounds.

Pour a drink, take a seat and soak up some Australiana.


"Surf’s Up!" by James Whelan

Meet our Hawaiian inspired Tiki totem pole dude! The perfect yard buddy to brighten up your pool or deck area and set the tone for a relaxing arvo with his cocktail in hand and okanui’s shining bright!

Carved by hand by local and third time totem artist James Whelan.

Bid now and win this one of a kind gem!


"For the Birds" by Hands on Learning students from Padua Rosebud, Tyabb and Mornington

Now more than ever, it is apparent that students learn best, together.

Each student was given the task to build a birdhouse that when combined would create a bird village. Each birdhouse is different by design because each of us is different.

In response to COVID lockdowns this totem pole was build by Padua college students from Portsea to Somerville, separate in isolation, but together in collaboration.

When we learn together, we fly together.

If you are interested in donating your time to paint, decorate, carve or sculpt a totem pole for next year's Arts Fair, the Committee would be most pleased to hear from you - please contact for further details.


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