See below for our entertainment line-up for 2016!

Gordon Koang

Gordon Koang is a singer/songwriter originally from South Sudan. Singing his songs in Nuer language, Gordon addresses a large array of topics which include human rights abuses, oppression and marginalization. Born blind, but having not let that stop him from spreading his message, Gordon is a self-appointed ambassador for peace and reconciliation. Gordon communicates his message through his soaring vocals and prodigal playing of the “Thom” (his own hand made instrument) and is a proud member of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and an active participant in GRID Series 2016.

Sarah Eida

Sarah EiDA (Pronounced as 'Eadah') may strut her stuff with an acoustic guitar, but don't be mistaken. She's no folk artist. 

You will first notice her striking dark rock chick look. Her behind the scenes demeanour is quiet and sweet. This fast changes when she hits the stage. With a banshee wail, she will send shivers down your spine. She captures you. Her voice will hunt you down. If strong female singers intimidate you then be warned. Her gaze holds you down. Sarah's voice will make you feel like a pack of wolves has just run over your grave.

Sarah EiDA's songs always give out a strong message to her followers, telling you to stick it to the man, be strong and bold and keep rolling on in your life. They are based on her own personal life experiences and her spiritual identity. This is recognisable within the music as she sings of old myths legends and fairytales such as Lilith, Blue beard and American Mcgee's Alice. Sarah's songwriting can lead you to a poetic mystery, yet there still lies a powerful message for her listeners and that is to stay true to yourself.

Cool Bananas

A six piece reggae jam group that was formed and created by guitarist , Chaeen Sadikin over twenty years ago at a barbeque!

What started out as a regular get together with friends, became a full time gig for these guys, playing at everything from weddings to parties and pubs all over Melbourne.

With most members having Indonesian background, you can be sure to get a great laid-back feel on our spring afternoon in October.

Reggae never felt so good as it does with “Cool Bananas”.

GRID - Grass Roots Indie Development

GRID (Grass Roots Indie Development) is an Artist Development program that provides emerging artists with essential skills and recorded material to support them as they work towards a sustainable music career.

GRID has been a fantastic help to us this year.  A big Thank-you to Arial Bloom for assisting us in securing the fabulous talent of GORDON KOANG AND SARAH EIDA!




Mornington Peninsula-based radio station RPP broadcast live from the Somers Arts Fair again in 2015. RPP FM is a local radio station with a new vibrancy and a focus steeped in community activities, current affairs and culture. It broadcasts on 98.7 FM and 98.3 FM to the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, the Southern suburbs of Kingston, wider Melbourne including Geelong and the communities of Westernport and Port Phillip Bays. In all it broadcasts to about 350,000+ people.

Somers Primary School is most grateful for the continued support of this fantastic community radio station.


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